Bonnie Paradies

Research Director

Bonnie Paradies

Bonnie asks a lot of questions. As The Karma Group’s Research Director, she makes sure we all challenge our assumptions, and that our strategies are rooted in rock solid insights. Her primary focus is twofold: first, to thoroughly understand what our clients’ audiences think, perceive, and believe; and second, to dig deeper and understand what drives those thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs. Only then can we develop strategies to influence decision-making.

Professionally trained in qualitative methodologies and group discussion facilitation, Bonnie has moderated over 800 focus groups across a myriad of industries and populations. She knows how to listen in a way that people trust, so they feel comfortable unpacking their stories and telling their truths.

As her greatest career moment, Bonnie cites the time a CEO burst unannounced into a conference room just to say hello and tell her he was excited to see The Karma Group on site because that meant another research project was in the works and “we always learn so much that makes us better.”

Favorite Story

Uncovering deep insights that helped Bellin Health improve the care experience for chronic pain patients.

Best Advice

Treat everyone with unconditional positive regard.

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