Jeff Satterburg

Sr Director of Business & Org Dev

Jeff Satterburg

Jeff is the headspace where people, business strategy, and operational performance meet for coffee and get on the same page. He simply understands how all the gears need to mesh. As Director of Business Development and a key member of The Karma Group’s core leadership team, Jeff marshals the agency’s talent and resources to assist clients and prospects in the quest to overcome challenges and propel growth.

Throughout his career, Jeff has connected people, helping them develop mechanisms and dynamics to work together toward higher performance. He has proven his chops across multiple industries and a wide range of brands including Titos, Jack Daniels, and Kalahari Resorts among many others.

Jeff is an unrelenting optimist, a steadfast believer in the possible. He is driven by a conviction that amazing things can happen when people check egos at the door and bring the best version of themselves into collaboration with each other.

Favorite Story

Leading transformational change through organizational branding and a people-first mentality at Nature’s Way and Wirtz Beverage while staying true to mission and values.

Best Advice

Do not look for money. Find what you love and pour yourself into it.

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