Natalie Bartelme

Associate Creative Director

Natalie Bartelme

Natalie sees the mosaic in things. She is able to keenly consider all the pieces, but also understand how they come together to form a much bigger picture. It’s this vision, along with brilliant talent and insight into human nature, that makes her so effective as Associate Creative Director.

Mostly, she self-identifies as a brand storyteller, who uses words, images, sounds, and motion to foster relationships between brands and the people they serve. With more than twenty years of experience, she has worked with clients across many industries including health care, tourism, technology, and manufacturing among others.

In approaching her work, Natalie is steadfast in her pursuit of simplicity. She insists that creative needs to respect the time and attention of the audience, and must capture their attention, inspire their engagement, and motivate a response as quickly as possible.

Favorite Story

A relatively unknown client in a major metro area was recognized in the restroom at a professional baseball game. He had been made a celebrity by the ad campaign Natalie created, wrote, and produced.

Best Advice

Be you.

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