Exterior photo in the evening of the front door of The Karma Group offices at 118 South Adams, Green Bay

About Karma

Admittedly, overachievers. Addicted to results. For 40 years, The Karma Group has been achieving the perfect fusion of strategic marketing and business expertise, driving results for some of the world’s most ambitious brands. With a high-performing team of curious creatives, strategists, researchers and media gurus, we’re able to provide a holistic approach to solve some of today’s biggest business challenges—all to our clients’ delight. Our home base is Green Bay, Wisconsin but our reach is worldwide.

“The most profundity ever shared with me was from my father.
When I’d mentioned that I wish I had a dollar for every beer I downed while in college, his response; “you did”.”
“My bucket list includes learning to juggle chainsaws, finding the end of a rainbow, and mastering the art of subtle sarcasm”

“I trust Karma with my brand. That’s no light statement. The Karma Group has been an extension of my team, understanding the context I work in and the goals of my organization. But they really understand my brand, how to communicate my brand message, and how to connect to my target audience. From in depth qualitative and quantitative research, to video and broadcast TV commercials, to design and media planning – Karma always delivers for me – on time, on budget and on brand.”

– Jennifer O’Callaghan

Numerica Credit Union


“It is remarkable how they can learn the complexities of our business and vernacular and translate it to something that sounds so much more human and accessible – 3 months as our marketing partner, and it’s like they’ve worked with us for 10 years.”

– Steve Duson

Solihten Institute


“I’m an internal marketing department of 1. I cannot handhold, but I can’t be kept in the dark, either. Karma helped me launch an entirely new identity for 5 credit union branches while keeping me involved yet unburdened. I still have all my hair thanks to Brittany and the team!”

– Jen Shew

Sovita Credit Union


“This video project was our baby. We held it close. We guarded it. We were admittedly a little nervous about sharing it. But we wanted it to grow beyond what we could offer – like our own kids, we have to let go to do what’s best for them. We are so glad we took the leap with Karma. The passion, character, and vulnerability they pulled from our people is just staggering.”

– Josh Diedrich

The Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Green Bay

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People. Relationships. Results.

People are the decision-makers for every brand. Whether an organization scales or fails is based on getting the right message in front of the right audience via the right channel. Period.

Crafting resonant messages that stick, fostering enduring brand relationships, evident in both team dynamics and our trusted client partnerships.

Everything we do is in pursuit of achieving our clients’ desired business outcomes. We’re bullish on getting our clients attention, attraction, relevance, and results.