Case Studies


Rebranding to Give Small-Town Residents Big-World Connections

glass jar outside with bright-colored wifi icons positioned as lightning bugs

Bellin Health NICU

Launching a Service Line with the Highest Level of Care

close-up of a newborn baby with its fingers wrapped around the finger of an adult

Medix Ambulance

Driving High-Value Over Low-Cost

a Medix ambulance drives around a curved road in the mountains in early morning

Nature’s Way

Rallying Employees Around Mission and Purpose Through Organizational Branding

extreme closeup of the veins of a leaf with a water droplet on it

Numerica Credit Union

Removing Stress and Anxiety in Financial Decision-Making

a young smiling girl close to the camera with adults sitting on a wooden floor and talking in the background

Pierce Manufacturing

Building a Brand to Perform Like No Other

a firefighter in full turn-out gear stands watch from a rooftop looking out over a city with hundreds of buildings under a dramatic sky

Solihten Institute

Bringing a brand and identity into an evolved climate

a butterfly hovers slightly above the shoulder of a woman in a flower patterned dress Solihten case study hero image

Sovita Credit Union

Rebranding to open the doors to more people

happy woman with glasses wearing red shirt and holding a laptop in one hand