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Sovita Credit Union

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When Flint Area Schools Credit Union expanded its charter to welcome healthcare employees and their families, it needed a new brand. The new identity would need to be faithful to the organization’s core and character, but not so descriptive that further expansion would render it obsolete.

After listening to the voices of the target audience (both members and nonmembers), The Karma Group developed the brand “Sovita” which can be translated as “the life of the community.”

Flint Area School Employees Credit Union
Sovita Credit Union logo


The new brand was built to serve and celebrate people who dedicate their careers to serving others. It is joyful and uplifting. After an initial internal rollout, we launched publicly and followed up with campaigns that continue to engage and energize the audience.

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SOVITA OutFront Bulletin 2020
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SOVITA OutFront Bulletin 2020
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SOVITA OutFront Bulletin 2020
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