extreme closeup of the veins of a leaf with a water droplet on it

Nature’s Way

Strategy, Creative

Increasingly, bright and talented people want to be part of a work culture that is positive and intrinsically rewarding. They want their work to have meaning, and they want to feel good about doing it. Nature’s Way had all the ingredients in place and was on a mission to help people live healthy lives.

The Karma Group was charged with giving language and visualization to the organizational brand, and then making sure it was delivered and embedded across the culture. This required careful listening to extract a brand that had not been articulated, and then advancing an immersion effort that brought it to life for every employee across multiple locations.


Building upon the idea that all dimensions of a healthy way of life—from attitude and relationships to nutrition and exercise—start with choices and decisions we make for ourselves, we expressed Nature’s Way organizational brand as “Healthy Starts Inside.” This provided an obvious link to the products they make (high quality natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements).

This provided a platform to emphasize that healthy starts inside our ingredients and bottles, inside our hearts and minds, inside our conversations and relationships, and so many other things that touch the shared experience and mission of working at Nature’s Way.

a young girl making a heart shape with her fingers
two kids walking on rock near water reach out an arm to help each other
an extreme closeup of the veins of a leaf
a father with glasses helps his young son swing from handles from an overhead bar on a playground
an organic brown powder in the shape of a heart around the phrase "Health starts inside."
a photo of an older couple smiling and standing close to each other inside the vignette of a stylized leaf shape
two scientists working in a lab looking at a screen displaying scientific data
a confident looking young woman inside a vignette of a stylized leaf
a closeup of a hand holding a small amount of soil with a small plant growing out of it
a picturesque lush valley between two large mountain tops with clouds on either side and sun between them
interior photo of the Green Bay Nature's Way facility showing a large space with two levels, and a large living wall of greenery at the far end
Nature's Way interior wall with raise environmental branding lettering
Nature's Way interior wall with a graphic of a cross-section of a cell and branding-affirming lettering
Nature's Way interior photo of a cell graphic with brand language
Nature's Way interior wall with raised brand lettering

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