Bellin Health NICU

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When Bellin Health committed to building a NICU, it did so with one strong directive—bring a meaningful advancement in neonatal care to the region. For Bellin, this meant a breakthrough model of integrated care, one in which the most vulnerable infants would not be separated from their parents.

The Karma Group was tasked with developing and implementing a strategy that would inform people on the advantages of this model, inspire community support, and create obvious market distinction.


We conducted extensive research across the market to go deeper than brand perception. We wanted to understand the psychology of moms and the influences they face when making decisions about obstetrics, healthcare systems, and providers.

We developed and proliferated an integrated media strategy that built broad scale awareness while driving affinity with the targeted demographic. This included mass, digital, and social media platforms.

This was followed by a “reason to believe” campaign that reinforced why the family integrated NICU at Bellin is actually much better for the development of the infant.

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