Amber Peterson

Operations Director

Amber Peterson

Since joining The Karma Group in 2010, Amber has been relentless in her hunger for growth and continuous learning. Starting as an Executive Assistant, she now serves as the agency’s Operations Director and Senior Account Executive.

As a member of The Karma Group’s core leadership team, Amber is a driving force behind the firm’s shared commitment to organizational excellence, infusing the same meticulous attention to detail into her work that she brings to Caterpillar, Bellin Health, Nature’s Way, and other clients. She simply has a talent for making sure things get done on time and on budget.

Amber believes it is part of her job to make sure everyone involved on a project, including the client and the agency team, has a strong sense of shared empathy and respect for the people we collectively serve—the ultimate customers and consumers who rely on services and products to move their lives forward.

Favorite Story

Rebranding a college and listening to students who were struggling to stay in school due to difficult life circumstances—it really underscored the need for brands to understand and connect with the target audience’s story.

Best Advice

There’s a difference between repairing yourself and restoring yourself.

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