Amy Beyer

Media Planner / Buyer

Amy Beyer

Don’t let Amy’s playful personality fool you. She’s a serious data and number-cruncher determined to win. It’s no wonder Amy is excellent at what she does. In her mind, numbers measure connections, and she is all-in on making human connections.

After twenty-three years of planning and buying media in all forms, Amy lights up when talking about her love for the way the industry has evolved, enabling her to precisely target audiences with accuracy. She is a matchmaker of sorts, running equations and scenarios to match clients with the people who will benefit from their products and services.

With a zest for life and learning, Amy is always seeking the next opportunity for discovery and growth. When she started working on a health care account, for example, she immediately enrolled herself in a class on medical terminology. Who does that? Amy does! For her, everything is an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.

Favorite Story

Helped a company grow their business 6X in 4 years.

Best Advice

Keep learning. Never stop.

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