Brittany Hanstedt

Account Relations Director

Brittany Hanstedt

Brittany joined The Karma Group in 2011 as an Account Executive, and now serves as Director of Account Services. As a key member of the agency’s core leadership team, she is responsible for ensuring our clients’ best interests are always the priority in all work and decision-making.

In going about her work, Brittany keeps four guiding principles front and center: 1) Empathy – seek to understand the goals, needs, and drivers of others; 2) Servitude – always go the extra mile for clients and colleagues; 3) Strategy – stay focused on the big picture and don’t get mired in the weeds; 4) Anticipation – think ahead, be proactive, and invest energy in preventing problems rather than waiting to solve them.

She is brilliantly organized, extremely down-to-earth, obsessed with details, and highly interested in people and what motivates them. In other words, Brittany is hard-wired for this job. While the other girls were playing house, she was cutting radio spots on her Talkgirl cassette recorder. Somehow, the passion for marketing, advertising, and branding is coded in her DNA.

Favorite Story

Worked with two clients who were launching comprehensive organizational rebrands simultaneously. It was a wild and adrenaline-infused year.

Best Advice

Be authentic. Be real. Be genuine. Be yourself.

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