Denise Kopidlansky

Senior Media Planner / Buyer

Denise Kopidlansky

Denise is as strategically forward-thinking of a Media Planner/Buyer as you’ll find. She takes great pride in being media agnostic, making sure recommendations and decisions are based on hard data and key measurements, never on a subjective bias toward or against one medium or another.

The rapidly shifting landscape in the world of media has presented fascinating opportunities in her mind. In particular, she is grateful that clients have become very discerning in this climate, believing it demands an ongoing commitment to learn, grow, and separate her expertise from others in the field.

Having planned and placed media in local markets across the country, Denise holds firm to a value-based commitment to treat every dollar like it’s her own. In her mind, this is the only part of her job that is non-negotiable. She takes the trust clients place in her very seriously, and she is relentless in sharpening her pencils until she is confident that she is doing everything possible to achieve the greatest return on investment.

Favorite Story

Walking the journey with Pepsi from traditional media strategies to digital and social media strategies, and ultimately to a comprehensive integrated strategy. The result much more effectively targets media investments while maintaining broad brand awareness and equity.

Best Advice

Don’t be gutless.

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