Helen Carpiaux

Graphic Artist

Helen Carpiaux

Helen has been a cornerstone of The Karma Group’s creative department almost from the beginning. As an Art Director, she has a well-earned reputation for being extremely buttoned-up with an exacting sense of perfectionism.

Throughout her career, she has worked on major national and global accounts such as Kimberly-Clark, Labcorp, Caterpillar, and Oshkosh Corporation among others. In all cases, she emphasizes that the role of art is not merely to inform or illustrate, but to convey thoughts and feelings that inspire a response.

Whether discussing her character or her work, Helen emphasizes a strong sense of authenticity. She acknowledges the tendency in commercial art to take creativity too far and lose the visual poetry of realism. “What our clients do is amazing,” she says. “The gift of art is in capturing the human spirit of it.”

Favorite Story

The triumph of art over instrument—applying the traditional mindset of art using pencils, brushes, and paints to a completely digital environment.

Best Advice

The only guarantee is change.

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