Helena Bloohm

Associate Account Executive

Helena Bloohm

In Helena’s mind, it takes three things to be excellent: passion, grit, and servitude. She brings a relentless commitment to all three in her role as an Associate Account Executive—the passion to drive every detail, the grit to persevere through all obstacles, and the servitude to listen, learn, and make sure each client’s best interests are the only priority.

With this drive, Helena takes personally the responsibility to make things happen and get things done. Her tenacity was on full display during the Fortrea rebrand, when she helped usher a process that rebranded 200 unique pieces of literature in under six months.

Through it all, she values the human side of marketing and advertising, recognizing the value of using words and images to tell a story that resonates in the world.

Favorite Story

Developing and managing an ongoing social media campaign for Granite Valley Hardwoods targeting multiple audiences with topics ranging from forestry management and sustainability to timeless beauty and aesthetics.

Best Advice

Listen. It’s the only starting block for anything worthwhile.

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