Nicole Linsmeier

Administrative Assistant

Nicole Linsmeier

Nicole joined The Karma Group’s accounting department in 2007, coming on board at a time when advertising was still mostly dominated by traditional media and the predictable rhythms of broadcast calendars. A lot has changed in a short time.

Fortunately, she thrives on continuously learning new things and becoming familiar with new programs. The way our industry functions has been radically transformed since she started, and Nicole has been eager to embrace the continuous shifts, believing they have freed her from a once shy shell, giving her more courage to be herself.

In dealing with client processes and requirements, Nicole is the first to insist that The Karma Group, being a small company, must be willing to conform and accommodate. It’s just one more form of adaptability to a world that’s in constant motion.

Favorite Story

There are a lot of moving parts with any month’s media billing, and a lot of different media players doing different things. Sorting it out each month is an adventure. But when it all works out and comes together, it’s a symphony.

Best Advice

Work with people who work well together.

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