Paige Mader

Account Executive

Paige Mader

Paige is committed to story. She deeply respects the way people relate to, connect through, and form relationships with brands that share their story. As an Account Executive, she sees her role as the steward and guardian of her clients’ brand stories.

With over ten years of experience, Paige brings a meticulously thorough approach to campaign development and team communications. Having spent the formative years of her career on the client side of the table, she relates with hyper-sensitivity to the business challenges and dynamics clients face.

By combining a background in commercial design with a passion for numbers and performance metrics, Paige works with a whole-minded perspective on how creative thought drives results.

Favorite Story

Led the evolution of a brand from a mom ‘n pop start-up to a nationally recognized category leader in the sustainable cosmetics industry.

Best Advice

If you’re nervous, it means you care.
If you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.

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