Paul Gerlikovski

Senior Account Executive

Paul Gerlikovski

As a Senior Account Executive with over twenty-five years of experience, Paul has grown to greatly appreciate the many dimensions of marketing and advertising that intersect in his daily life. He thrives on the way research, strategy, and social psychology are expressed through creative and media executions to move business forward.

For the past several years, Paul has led the agency in serving two legendary brands: the Green Bay Packers and Pierce Manufacturing. Each of these brands is so iconic that followers literally get tattoos of the brand logo. Paul has deftly led the effort to continuously and consistently build brand equity and affinity, even as client-side marketing personnel and agency-side staff have shifted and changed over the years.

On any given day, he seamlessly shifts between mentor, collaborator, researcher, strategist, budget manager, project over-seer, team leader, and friend, among many other rolls. Experience has made him a master at holding a steady keel as he navigates through all of it.

Favorite Story

Transforming driver recruitment marketing for Schneider National from a position-posting approach to a comprehensive, research-based, motivational approach with hyper-targeted placement.

Best Advice

Don’t fall in love with your own ideas.

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