Scott Kane

Creative Director

Scott Kane

Scott joined The Karma Group early in his career as a graphic designer and quickly embraced the keep-learning-keep-growing culture. He prides himself in being a passionate student of our business as well as the business of each of our clients, always exploring new and more effective ways to captivate, engage, and retain attention.

As Creative Director, Scott leads all agency creative endeavors with the same discipline and thought he exacts on his own work. His approach is one of openness, allowing each brand and project to breathe its own life. He coaches elasticity into emerging talent, encouraging them to think beyond the edges of their own notions and structures.

Scott has played a major role in advancing several global brands throughout his career. Although he has received mountains of industry creative awards and accolades, his own yardstick is market share growth, and he takes great pride in having helped multiple brands more than double their market share.

Favorite Story

A young Graphic Designer reported to Scott for a short period in his career. He was talented, but arguably over-confident considering his inexperience. Later, he returned and said, “I learned more from you in three months than I did in four years of university and five years at my last job.”

Best Advice

Listen to intuition. Honor your instincts.

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