Sierra Walker

Media Director

Sierra Walker

To say we’re lucky to have Sierra on the Karma team is an understatement. With 20 years of experience in cross-platform media planning, Sierra has proven expertise in synthesizing audience behavior, engagement and media insights into data-driven strategies that elevate brands.

As Media Director and a key member of The Karma Group’s core leadership team, Sierra leads our media team and agency in creating comprehensive media strategies that perform. Being able to build, optimize, and analyze campaigns, she can quickly pivot to keep campaigns fresh and effective.

With a reputation for innovation and delivering measurable results, Sierra is a recognized leader. Radio Ink awarded her as the youngest person ever, and the first Digital Media Director, to be named as one of only five finalists for Media Director of the Year. Sierra is truly shaping the future of brand communication and engagement.

Favorite Story

Working with a client to educate them on the best ways to use an integrated mix of digital and traditional media, convincing them to open their minds to a different way of approaching media, and then watching their sales jump thirty-five percent as a result.

Best Advice

You’re going to make mistakes—own them, admit when you’ve made them, find a solution to make it right, and make sure it won’t happen again.

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