Tracy Noyes

Senior Art Director

Tracy Noyes

Tracy has been an integral part of The Karma Group’s creative team for over thirty years. In that time, she has provided art direction and design for a wide array of clients ranging from Kraft Foods and Good Humor-Breyers to Labcorp and Nature’s Way.

While she loves the process of bringing human emotions to life through visual presentation, she has a real passion for the food and beverage space. “Food and drink are forms of art you create, share, and participate in. A good dinner is social art. I love capturing, communicating, and promoting the whole experience.”

Tracy approaches all her work with the mindset of a creator. She begins by considering all the elements of chaos and confusion swirling around in the target audience’s life. Then she imagines how the service or product being promoted brings order and joy to that chaos, and finally she develops art and design that convey the emotions of that transformed experience.

Favorite Story

Brought a brand to life from the ground up and integrated it throughout the dimensional space, décor, and human experience in an airport.

Best Advice

Bring your best to everything you do and make sure you have fun doing it.

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