JJ Zoch

JJ Zoch

For JJ, there is no rush quite like blowing a projection out of the water. After twelve years of hands-on experience in digital media, he thrives on precisely connecting brands with their target audiences, analyzing data, and making adjustments that continuously improve and optimize performance until it has obliterated expectations.

He sees media investments as being akin to stock purchases, and he sees his role as using whatever information is available to maximize the return on that investment. To this end, he has invested his time and energy to gain multiple digital marketing certifications.

JJ is a true trend-tracking maven, pursuing an endless quest to stay on the forefront of all industry advancements. He pours himself into a constant stream of webinars and workshops, always making sure we are positioned to offer clients the most thought-forward plans possible.

Favorite Story

Leveraging all dimensions of paid search—keyword research, quality score, ad testing, and copywriting—to rocket past campaign KPI’s.

Best Advice

Always be open. To learning, to ideas, to adapting, always be open.